Our Mission statement is


Our Vision

By the grace of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit we are called to:

Encourage and nurture each other into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ by the stressing in our teaching and preaching that faith is first and foremost a life encompassing relationship with Christ as our lord and saviour. As his disciples, our goal is to ask Jesus to make our own lives more closely resemble his through seeking his presence and will in the practice of spiritual disciplines such as regular prayer, bible reading, meditation, fasting, simplicity, submission, solitude, service etc.

Seek deeper relationship with one another through small group and intergenerational ministries by adopting attitudes of servanthood and openess to the views and needs of others. Further, by use of our spiritual gifts we invite God to build a sense of community that goes beyond family ties so that all members may experience the unity of the body of Christ.

Deepen our relationship with those outside the church to whom we witness by practicing need-based evangelism and by being receptive to opportunities to proclaim both in word and deed the truth, grace and mercy of God, whether it be in the local community or wherever God may call us to minister in his name.

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